• Environment

    Aims to spread environmental awareness and promote environmental conservation. It focuses on issues like; environmental pollution, green environment and recycling.

  • Awarding Initiatives

    Aims to stimulate the enterprises of the business sector and individuals to contribute and participate in the field of social giving, community service and volunteer work.

  • Government Excellence

    Aims to develop the performance of the governmental organizations in the region, including areas of administrative leadership, technical and electronic services and services provided for beneficiaries and care of human resources

  • Education

    Aims to develop the spirit of creativity and the spread of best educational and administrative practices at the level of individuals and administrative entities.

Eastern Province Excellence Awards

The idea of this award stems from the desire to achieve excellence and encourage creativity and improve the performance and appreciation of the people of tender through honest competition between organizations and individuals. This award seeks to achieve the desired effect in the culture of the Eastern Province and the development of its performance and the advancement of its citizens and to make this award and its results a model to be emulated throughout the country.

The spatial scope of the Award was determined in the Eastern Province where the goal of the Award was to establish positive impact in the region through its citizens, the programs and initiatives implemented. This spatial focus increases the specialization of the award and its nature and thus its success.
We would like to inform all concerned, that the available Excellence Award at this cycle is the Environmental Excellence Award. The remaining Awards disciplines will follow in the upcoming cycles.



To be a leading model in promoting a culture of excellence.


To consolidate the culture of excellence and achieve sustainable development in society.

Strategic Objectives of the Award

  1. Encourage and inspire organizations and individuals to achieve excellence.
  2. Sustainability and institutionalization of excellence among organizations and individuals.
  3. Spreading awareness of the principle of excellence and quality.
  4. Honoring winners (creators and distinguished) by each category of the award.